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Your business is at risk from the IT you cannot see.

Get the visibility you need in minutes.

We help to protect your business from the financial, legislative, and security threats associated with SaaS

Easy to implement (as it's SaaS!) with fast, immediate, and actionable results.

The Big Problem We Solve

SaaS Adoption and growth is massive and it is the preferred way for users to consume IT.

There are over 30,000 SaaS Vendors

It's growing - There are Over 1,000 new SaaS start-ups each year

They currently service over 14 Billion SaaS customers

What does this mean?

Your business is likely to be using 100's of SaaS applications that you don’t know about because users are directly signing up to them.

So what are the implications of this?

Compliance Risk

Security Risk

Financial Risk

Current solutions do not do enough to mitigate these risks. They don’t align with modern, agile IT infrastructure, and working practices such as working from home or BYOD.

Introducing Nefolo

Nefolo connects to corporate email systems, analyses email activity, and learns which applications are being subscribed to, used and paid for, and by whom.

This data is then analysed and presented in easy-to-use actionable dashboards

Nothing To Install, Agentless Deployment

Get Set-Up & Reporting Results In Minutes

Unlock Intelligence In Existing Systems

How do we do it?

What our customers are saying

Ben Gee

Founder at Hat and Home

“Nefolo gave me visibility of user behaviour, potential threats, and security weaknesses in our business. We were naive to the sheer number of programs and services we were exposed to and Nefolo were gracious in their response to what were clear chinks in our armour.”

→ 8x ROI from removing unnecessary subscriptions
→ Identified a fundamental security concern
→ Consolidated duplicated solutions across the business


SaaS Audit

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Let us help you reduce the risk of Technology.
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Because it's SaaS-based it can be deployed in minutes.
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