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Dental Notebox
Dental Software Start-Up

"As we moved from a minimal viable product to a small business, there were areas about our cloud platform that we knew we needed help with but did not really know who to speak to.

After explaining our concept and current set-up to Nefolo, they were able to highlight key areas for us to focus our efforts on - without complex jargon.

What was really nice, was that they suggested upgrades in areas appropriate to the size of our business, and ideas of what we might need next, as we start to grow.

In a nutshell, it is honest, clear and realistic advice, from people who clearly knows what they are talking about and have years of experience. "

Global Research Publisher & Open Science Platform

"When it comes to tech spend coupled with growth and security, SaaS usage monitoring of your distributed remote and maybe even the not remote workforce starts to be a need. This cool tool is geared at IT and Finance managers on getting that visibility to ensure optimized spend, compliance and risk management. "

Hat and Home
Hat and Home

"Nefolo gave me visibility of user behaviour, potential threats, and security weaknesses in our business. We were naive to the sheer number of programs and services we were exposed to and Nefolo were gracious in their response to what were clear chinks in our armour.

As a result of a short analysis we have:
- 8x ROI from removing unnecessary subscriptions
- Identified a fundamental security concern
- Consolidated duplicated solutions across the business

This was a true ‘eye-opening’ moment for our business. As a result we have more robust security, have a leaner cost-base and have raised awareness at senior management level for potential duplication and security threats."

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