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Does A Data Breach Affect You?

I am not going to jump on the bandwagon and bash said company for said breach. In fact I will try not to mention the company at all.

However, it was reading someone else’s blog yesterday that got me thinking. Ultimately, they were bashing the company. They are in the same business, so have something to gain from a lack of trust in a competitor. At the same time they were listing all of the associated businesses that may also of had data leaked.

What Should You Do?

Apart from the obvious undertone of self promotion, there was actually some useful advice. If not fairly obvious.

If you have accounts with any of these providers, please change your passwords as soon as possible.

Well that seems fairly straight forward, or does it? You see there were 6 providers listed, plus the main one, making 7 in total. How do you know who across your business may have signed up for something with any of them in the past? It could have been 2 years ago, the person concerned may well have left.

Why Is That Harder Than It Sounds

The issue with taking any action, is that it is only as good as your knowledge and visibility. I ask my children, “please pick up all your Lego before I step on it”. They don’t leave a piece hidden by the sofa, right where I will step just to ruin my day. They forget it’s there, they cannot see it, it’s not obvious. If Lego illuminated brightly when needed, it would be less likely to end up in the sole of my foot.

If you want some help with visibility of IT in your business, especially the bits that are really easy to miss, we would love to hear from you. Should you find a solution to stepping on Lego, we would also love to hear from you.