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SaaS Management

SaaS Management Without An Agent In Minutes

Reducing business risk and gaining control over the organic growth and procurement of SaaS Products, without compromising creativity and innovation.

SaaS Management Strategy to enable controlled, risk free creativity, innovation, and growth.
Is Controlled Creativity Possible?

Most businesses want the same thing, to grow and be more profitable. The board members and investors are certainly not looking for SaaS Management in the monthly report. However, in pursuit of growth and profitability, businesses will experience growing pains. These pains occur because the components of a business do not grow and evolve at the same rate. Each is in a continuous state of catchup. None more so than IT.

The IT industry is continually growing and rapidly evolving, so it is no surprise that where these tides meet those of business growth, there are going to be some challenges.

Enter SaaS

SaaS products (Software as a Service), have become the building blocks of any business looking to prioritise creativity and innovation in order to drive growth. Cost-effective, per-user billing, modern and intuitive, it is easy to see why.

SaaS Products
SaaS Products Facilitate Creativity, Growth & Innovation

However, the unrestricted use of SaaS products will also cause pain if left unchecked, which it often is. It can very quickly and easily get out of control, with the number of tools and users both growing exponentially! This out-of-control growth results in increased business risk. Risk in the shape of wasted money, compliance threats, and security exposure.

More than 1 in 5 organizations have experienced a cyber event due to an unsanctioned IT resource.

Nearly one-third of SaaS spend goes to waste, survey says.

Businesses need a SaaS Management strategy. A way to monitor SaaS usage quickly and easily without complicated deployments or installation. Providing visibility into their world in the way they have come to expect from the SaaS tools driving their business.

The Answer is SaaS

Nefolo delivers smart data for cost-effective business decisions. We are true Software as a Service SaaS Management.

Try us for 30 days to start seeing things in a new light!

SaaS users over time
Track Unseen SaaS Growth