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SaaS Audit and Governance

I am sure Shadow IT has been rubbing its hands together, thinking “great, we can call ourselves Software as a Service now, or even better, SaaS, and that sounds like sass!”.

Of course Shadow IT is a broad brush and not all SaaS is Shadow IT or vice versa. However, never before has it been so easy to find software solutions to problems without involving the IT Department.

SaaS is easy to get started with, use, and is designed to work anywhere and everywhere. Free to try with no contract. We know, we are guilty of this also!

A department manager can often identify a solution to their problem and implement it before IT have had a chance to respond. This is not justifying it, just the reality of how quickly and easily SaaS can accumulate.

What is clear is that SaaS cannot be controlled with technology or policy. It will happen regardless, whether you like it or not, control it or let it run wild.

Here are some ideas on how to reduce the headache of SaaS in your business.

1. Embrace change

IT really has changed. Whereas it was once necessary to prescribe fixes to users technology challenges, now they can find their own solution. This is fundamentally different and requires a different approach. You must embrace this change and find the new challenges it brings exciting.

Whether IT is your full time job, or a part time responsibility, SaaS will force it change. The technoloy gatekeeper approach will not work, you need be more of a digital chaperone.

2. Work with your users

Establish a workgroup with representatives from each department. Meet on a regular basis, decide what works for you, and use this a forum to capture and discuss:

  • Department challenges and requirements
  • Interdepartmental challenges and requirements
  • Any SaaS under trial

3. Maintain a software service catalogue

This may seem obvious, but it is really important you know the software you have got in your business, the problem it is solving, the departments it is serving, and any integrations between them. Review this regularly, capture requirements from your user workgroups and track software under trial.

Need some help?

Our SaaS audit and discovery tool will help you shortcut these steps and give you the confidence that you have have got it covered.