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help with IT

The Point of Inflection

When to seek help with IT?

A conversation this week reminded me of something. The point at which people decide to make a change is different for everyone. Even if the change is the same thing, like seeking some help with IT.

Something that has staggered me after more than 2 decades of working in technology, is the number of people enduring challenges with technology every day, hour, and minute. It is like a pain that has built up gradually over time and has been learnt to live with.

Pain vs Acceptance

I saw this pain in the face of a business owner referred to me recently. Sadly I also saw the face of someone that had almost given up trying to make things better. The conversation this week was with the customer who referred him to me, asking if he had been in touch, to which the answer was “no”.

As I answered this question, I was not surprised. The pain was absolutely there, but so was the acceptance of it. Yes, there were problems, but that is just the way it is. I do not doubt that I will hear from him at some point. Either the pain will increase too much or too quickly, outstripping his acceptance of it, or his acceptance of the pain will drop.

Acceptance may drop as it is having too much impact on his business, or perhaps too much impact on his home life. He may speak to someone that has just ousted their gremlins and see the joy they have got from it, who knows.

I started my business as love seeing the face of someone that has just realised they don’t have a problem anymore. Seeing a business function like a well-oiled machine when a project is completed makes me happy. Things that don’t work frustrate me, and I am fascinated by efficiency. However, I totally understand why everyone will have their own point at which they ask for help.


So when is the right time to seek help with IT? Well, that is up to you. The one thing I would say is that it is so much easier and cheaper to head off in the right direction in the first place. Having to work back unpicking what has been done and stitching in new solutions can be a time-consuming delicate business. This only gets harder the longer you leave it.

If you are just starting out, why not get a bit of advice? It will stand you in good stead. If your business is in full flow, talk to someone about your pain points. Your biggest problem could be a setting change. Whatever it is, I can guarantee the fix now will be less painful than the one in 6 months.